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downloadIt doesn’t take much to design custom baseball uniforms, and for that matter, it doesn’t even take much to make one for yourself. However, before you start doing it on your own, you have to make sure that you’ve done it all properly, and the only way for you to know that for sure is to know what is it that you need for this process. So, all those people that have been wondering how to design a custom baseball uniform are at the exactly right place, because we are going to explain it all to you now.

The very first thing you need to know is what your team colors would be. And, of course, in order to know that, you need to have a team logo already made. If you don’t, then get right on that, because you can’t really have a baseball uniform without knowing what color it is going to be. You don’t really need to have a logo already made, you just need to know how it’s going to look like, because the team logos aren’t usually being sewn on the uniforms. You mostly need it for the colors sake.

The next thing you need to know is what kind of font you are going to use in order to spell the name of your team on your custom baseball uniform. Of course, this color can’t really be the same one that is already being used for the uniform, because then no one could see the team name. Or, you can use the same color, but you need to add some outline to the font. So, pick a font and its color, and you’ll be half way done.

Then, you can start adding some decorations or stripes to your baseball uniform. Baseball uniform stripes are somewhat of a tradition in the world of this sport, and many great teams have had them, so if you think that this is something that would look cool on a uniform, go ahead and try it out.alleson-sublimated-custom-baseball-jersey-49

It is important to note that you don’t have to get all of this and try to get this baseball uniform made all by yourself. No, nowadays, there are plenty of uniform stores, and you can just ask them to do all that work for you. So, you just contact that particular uniform store, you ask around and see if they do this kind of stuff.
Then you tell them all they need to know about your color and font choice, as well as your decoration or stripe choice. Also, you can mail them the logo (if you have one), and they can add that to the uniform, or it may give them some idea that you haven’t thought of. That way, you can have a completed baseball uniform delivered to you, without ever having to do any real work. However, when it comes to designing baseball uniforms, imagination is the most important thing to have, and creating a great baseball uniform in your mind is perhaps the hardest of these jobs.

Author: Erin Chapman

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