Starting your own mobile disco business

imagesIf you are a person that knows a lot about music, who knows how to make others feel great, and who manages to figure out what kind of music best fits a place, than you might consider becoming a DJ. Of course, you can’t be a professional DJ just yet, but you might start small and start your own mobile disco business! It would be an ideal job for any person that has the above mentioned qualities, but that person needs to know that starting such a business is no easy matter. You’ll need some help and guidance, and we’ve found the best one: the best mobile disco Berkshire has to offer. We’ve asked him about starting a mobile disco business, and what he said everyone hoping to become a DJ should remember. So, let’s get down to it, shall we?

The very first thing you need in order to start your own mobile disco business is gaining some experience. Sure, you might have all the qualities that could make you a great mobile disco some time in the future, but you need experience in order to achieve that. Try working as an assistant to a mobile disco, or even as a roadie to one of them. This would allow you to gaze into the core of operating such a business, and would let you see all the secrets of the trade. Then, start playing music at your friends’ birthday parties of your school events, and this will allow you to bulk up the badly needed experience.

Then, you need to start thinking big, and by that we mean starting your own real mobile disco business. But, this is no easy matter, because before you do that, you need to write up a business plan. This will allow you to manage your company better in the future, and will also allow you to get a loan from the bank for all the necessary equipment. So, write everything up in detail, how you plan to spend your money, how you plan to market yourself, how much you’re going to spend on your equipment, what is your business growth plan, etc.

After you’ve done this, you might start collecting music, because you can’t really be a DJ without it. Collect everything you believe could help, and do not limit yourself to just one genre of music. You’ll probably have to spend some money on it, and you’ll also need to spend money on your equipment, which is the main thing in this trade. You can buy it, or you can just lease it for the time being.27715

Then, you’ll need to register your company, and make sure you don’t start working before you get all the necessary paperwork and all the licences. This will make you a certifiable business owner and a real mobile disco, allowing you to work with greater ease. Of course, you’ll need to promote yourself first, and then, when people hear of you and your business, they’ll start hiring you, and your career will lift off.

Author: Erin Chapman

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